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. Frequently asked Questions
Is my warranty valid?

Yes. EC cars have a 1-year pan-European warranty. UK manufacturers normally purchase an extra 2 years for you! You can do this yourself.

Any problems with servicing?

No, use your local dealer. If you pay, he will service.

What’s the difference between grey and parallel imports?

A parallel import is a vehicle that's available in the UK already, but is imported because they're hard to get here or more expensive. A grey import is a model that isn't available in this country and is imported because the official importers don't.

Does this new test called SVA affect my car?

SVA testing does not apply to European imports with type approval. SVA is an extra test for kit-cars and non-EC imports.

What about my existing car?

Sell it privately and maximise on any profit opportunity. European dealers will almost certainly not be interested in a UK used car. For £10, you can advertise on and 100 FINDA sites from to, until sold! This includes a digital photograph. (Sorry- our un-biased advice finished in the question above!).

And Finally……….

You are probably thinking by now that personally importing a car from Europe could be very time consuming for you. The good news is that there are a number of companies who specialise in carrying out the complete process described above, on your behalf (for a small fee of course!). Click here to view a list of UK import dealers……





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