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. Step By Step Guide
Step by Step Guide to Importing Cars

You can save thousands importing your car from Europe. We will now outline the logistics of a
personal import. There may however be some variables not covered!

First, obtain the official paperwork from HM Customs, the Local Vehicle Licensing Office and your
local Vehicle Registration Office (VRO). Most of this will require considerable patience!

Choose your country

Holland and Portugal are normally the cheapest for most popular cars, but there can be language barriers. North European countries nearly all speak fluent English. More locally you have Southern Ireland offering good savings, but not for all makes & models.

Get a list of dealers

Easily obtained from the headquarters of the UK based manufacturers. Also in the handbook supplied with all UK cars.

Phone or, better still, visit

Use only fully authorised dealerships. Be clear that the car is to be to UK, right-hand-drive specification, supplied for export. You will need a passport and probably a letter of credit.

Make sure it is a UK spec car

Check specification against the UK brochure for the car.
Should be RHD with Right Hand Drive headlamps and MPH speedometer.
Adjust spec of car using brochure and confirm all telephone conversations by e-mail.

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