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Get it in writing

Confirm the spec and delivery date in writing. Ensure any right hand drive supplements are included now. Do not pay local taxes, they are not due. German dealers sometimes ask for VAT payments upfront then reclaim this element once car is UK registered. You are not legally required to do this. Refuse or negotiate.

Arrange the money

If you order a foreign currency draft now, you can fix your rate. Otherwise you are exposed to fluctuations in Sterling. Alternatively, buy foreign currency and place on deposit until car arrives. A bankers draft will cost you around £50.

Pay the deposit

You will need to pay around 20%. Use a credit card as this offers some protection if goods are not delivered.

Keep Calm

Car delivery is no different to any delivery! Unless your car is already built, it will take a few months (6 to 9 on average). Do not accept last minute price rises. Look out for shifting delivery times.

Get transit plates

You need transit plates and a Certificate of Conformity. The certificate proves the car meets European standards. It cannot be registered without this. There will be a small charge for these items.

Arrange insurance

Shop around. UK insurers normally need a registration number, but you will only have a chassis number.

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